I want to try trading ETFs

im a beginner investor wanting to get into trading ETFs because they seem simple. Any tips on how ETFs work? and which brokers should I trade at

Hi there,

thank you for your message. I would recommend checking this BrokerChooser article about ETFs: https://brokerchooser.com/education/stocks/how-to-buy-etfs-online

In addition, you can find the best brokers to ETFs here: https://brokerchooser.com/best-brokers/best-etf-brokers. Additionally, Iā€™d recommend checking the best broker for beginners as most of them provide ETFs too: https://brokerchooser.com/best-brokers/best-brokers-for-beginners

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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Thanks @Hikmatjon for sharing these articles, they are very useful. :pray: