Are there any online brokers for absolute beginners?

I don’t want to invest much and don’t want to spend too much time with tinkering UI interfaces either.
Are there any beginner friendly brokers where you can get the hang of investing without risking too much?

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Hi there,

thank you for your question. It depends on your country of tax residency which broker is available to you. However, the following brokers are available in many countries and satisfy the preferences you mentioned:

Feel free to visit our best broker for beginners’ content too:

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Hi, I’m also beginner and I would like to educate myself about investment. Which broker would you recommend? Do they offer educational resources for novice investors?

Yes-yes @signe92, the brokers presented in this article are great for beginners:

Many brokers there provide courses/other educational materials as well as easy-to-use platforms.

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Thanks @nadam for your suggestions, I opened an account at Trading212 and it was very smooth as you described in the review. Before that I was a bit nervous about what kind of documents will they require, but it was easy and fast. It was a really useful guide. :slight_smile:

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Happy to help! :slight_smile: