Choosing between ETFs


I’ve decided to buy ETFs - could you help please how I can decide/do research on which ETF I should by?

Thank you!

I usually choose ETFs using ETF screeners. For example, this one is really good for EU ETFs:

Some factors I’d consider:

  • Of course, what exposure you like to get? E.g. US index? UK index? Global index? Bonds? etc. At justETF, you can filter for these categories or just type in the search bar that β€œS&P 500” or β€œNasdaq 100”
  • Check ETF expense ratio β†’ the lower the better.
  • Check which currency/listing is available β†’ want to have to invest in EUR? USD? or both? You can check them if you click on the specific ETF and scroll down.
  • In the EU, you can decide to have dividends paid out (distributing) or kept invested (accumulating)
  • I also prefer ETFs with high assets under management (more liquidity). It just feels safer to have investments in a big ETF.

I hope this helps.