Tradingview broker with custom indicators?

Is there a tradingview broker that has built-in tradingview and can use custom indicators?

I’d like to use pine editor in tradingview.

Hi there,

thank you for your question. Yes-yes, there are multiple brokers that you can connect to TradingView. You can find our top list here:

Also, you can find all available brokers here (some of them are crypto exchanges): What brokers can I trade through on TradingView? — TradingView

The TradingView connection works as the following:

  • You should open a brokerage account and a TradingView account.

  • Then go to your “TradingView” account and click on “Trade Panel”, as the screenshot below:

  • Then, select your broker and click on them. For example, I click on my Oanda account.

  • Then, click on “Connect” which will redirect to your broker’s login page, Oanda in my case

  • After my account is connected I can use all of TradingView’s functionalities, including its programming interface.

If you have any questions, let me know.


thank you for your reply.

I already know about connect to TradingView.

I would like to know about the built-in tradingview broker on broker site.

Thank you for your reply. Multiple brokers incorporated TradingView charting into their platform.

However, those charts are much more basic with less functionality than TradingView’s charts (custom indicators are not available). For example, please find screenshots from eToro or Interactive Brokers’ built-in TradingView charts.

By the way, why would you prefer to use TradingView’s charting at the broker’s platform vs at TradingView itself?