Petron Capital check

Hello BrokerChooser Team, I started to use Petron Capital by november 2023 and I have gone through some issues that got me really worried as I invested an important amount. Is it possible for you guys to investigate information about this company. Thanks!


Hey Alejandro, thank you for your message. First of all, I just created this post separately instead of your comment in order to make the discussion more visible to all other users.

Can you please confirm if this is Petron Capital’s website: ? I took a look at this website and unfortunately, it’s not a legit provider.

  • The reason is that it has no regulation at all. Brokers should mention regulation, which they mention in the footer. At Petron Capital, there is no information in the footer at all, as per the screenshot below.

Please don’t send any more money to them. They might ask for you to pay taxes/other costs, but that’s just a scam practice to steal more money. We collected a few things here you can try to get your money back:

If you have any other questions, please let me know.