Is this broker legit

Hi everyone! This is my first post, so sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this
He notified me that I needed to pay taxes and other things, so that money gets transfered, I stopped paying him, cause I don’t have money, and don’t want to pay him. I tried to find him in registry, but couldn’t find him. Maybe I don’t know how to search for him. Can someone help me in finding. I want to know if he is legit, and if he is, can I get my money back through justice system

Hey, welcome here, it’s great that you shared your first post!

Unfortunately, this person is not legit due to the following reasons:

  • I checked the license number on FSCA register website ( and there was no result, see screenshot.
  • Online brokers are companies and not individuals. Most scams relate to a person who pretends to be a professional broker.
  • In the license paper, there is a typo (is license by rhe UK Trade Commission), which is an alarming sign as such official documents usually don’t have typos.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get your money back. We collected a few things here you can try to get your money back:

Let us know if you have any further questions.

I have every evidence, have the whole chat with pictures of documents he sent me, probably fake, but also have proof of payments, where I got emails and accounts with the payments I made on Mangopay, Paybis, TON bot on Telegram etc.
Some Facebook ad popped up, which sent me through Telegram, where was that group.
Anyway, thanks a lot for the info, hope I will get something back, either through court, or through bank with Chargeback