Lightyear for beginners

Hey guys, I just wanted to share my experience about Lightyear. As a beginner I opened an account at Lightyear, and it was really smooth and fast. And the platform is also very user friendly. I chose it because of the interest they pay on cash and also because I was searching for a beginner friendly broker. I’m quite new at the broker, so any experiences shared would be appreciated. e.g. is there anything I should pay attention? Thanks

I opened a Lightyear account for similar reasons and had a same positive experience. Interestingly, they’ve adjusted their cash interest rates since September, with nearly a 2% decrease for HUF. Compared to T212, it’s notably lower I am thinking about switching to T212 for the keeping my cash pile.

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Thanks for sharing, it’s good to know… :thinking:

Do you only use Lightyear for the cashinterest or do you use it also for investment?

I use it for both