Pocket options vs binarium

Hi guys. I just have a question. On the website you state that you are not recommending Binarium as its not regulated by a government regulator body (although it has over 10 year history) and at the same time you highly recommend Pocket Option although they are not regulated by government regulator body either. I just wonder why is that? Itโ€™s a genuine question, I am not saying that either one is bad, just asking how you do that since both of them are kind of in the same boat and both are very popular. I will appreciate your feedback. Thank you

Hi there,

thank you for your message. Just to clarify, we donโ€™t recommend brokers that are not regulated at least by one top-tier financial authority, such as the UK FCA or US SEC.

Can you please share where did you see that we recommend Pocket Option? We have pages where we donโ€™t recommend it as you can find below:

Let me know if you have any questions.