Opinion about Scalable Capital

Can you please share a few things about Scalable Capital? Itโ€™s available in the EU/Germany and seems to be a good broker.
Thank you in advance,

Please find below a few information about Scalable Capital:

  • Itโ€™s a legit broker as itโ€™s regulated by to the top-tier German regulator, called BaFin

  • The stock trades cost โ‚ฌ0.99 per trade if you choose the free plan. There are brokers that provide commission-free stock/ETF investing. To mention a few: Trading 212, Lightyear, or eToro. However, still, this โ‚ฌ0.99 is better than most EU brokers.

  • You can do self-directed investing or choose the robo-advisory service (you put the money and Scalable Capital automatically invests it).

  • If you do self-directed investing, you can invest in stocks, ETFs, crypto, funds, and bonds. You can also find some derivative products (certificates, warrants) if you want to trade. This is a great product selection as many neo-brokers give access only to stocks and ETFs.

  • The app seems to be simple and well-designed, which is typical for neo-brokers.

  • If you choose the โ€œPrime+โ€ plan, you could get a 2.6% interest rate. This is not the best as there are brokers that donโ€™t require to pay a monthly fee to get interest. For example, Lightyear pays 3.25% interest on EUR without any monthly fee.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.

Thank you for your answer.