Opinion on iBroker?

I couldn’t find a review of iBroker on the BrokerChooser page. They’re a Spanish broker: https://www.ibroker.es/
Can you give a comparison between iBroker and Interactive Brokers?

Hi gangus22

Currently, iBroker is not featured on BrokerChooser. I took a look at iBroker and compared it with Interactive Brokers (IBKR):

  1. Regulation
    iBroker - as a Spanish resident, you enjoy Spanish regulation (CNMV regulation).
    Interactive Brokers - as a Spanish resident, you enjoy Irish regulation (Central Bank of Ireland)
  2. Product Selection
    iBroker - the product selection is more limited at iBroker. You can trade futures, options, FX, and CFDs.
    Interactive Brokers - IBKR provides all asset classes from all over the world, including all the above plus real stocks/ETFs, bonds, or funds.
  3. Futures and FX Fees
    Overall, IBKR has lower fees than iBroker, especially in the North American market.
    Futures - IBEX index futures cost €3.75 vs €3.00 at IBKR fixed pricing; DAX futures cost €4.00 at iBroker vs €2 at IBKR fixed pricing; E-Mini S&P 500 cost $6 at iBroker vs $0.25 at IBKR.
    FX - iBroker charges 0.0035% of trade value vs 0.0020% with a $2 minimum at IBKR.
  4. Platform
    Both iBroker and IBKR allow TradingView connection. IBKR has its proprietary TWS platform, which is a really advanced and complex platform.
    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.