Moderation Rules

By joining the community, you agree to follow and be bound by the following Moderation Rules:

Moderation Rule of BrokerChooser Community

Please read this policy carefully before using this website.

  1. The Moderation Team covers team members in the following user group:

  2. All first posts from new users are reviewed by our Moderation Team.

  3. The Moderation Team, in its sole and absolute discretion, can edit your posts’ titles, change the categories, or change the tags. For example, if you create a duplicate topic, the Moderation Team can close that topic and direct the discussion to the original topic.

  4. If the discussion is deemed to be heated, difficult, or otherwise non-productive by the Moderation Team, any (or more) of the following tools could be applied by the Moderation Team:

    • Send a Moderator message, notice, or warning.
    • Pause the topic using the Topic Timer. Pausing means the topic is closed for a certain time.
    • Slow down the discussion by setting a waiting period between replies.
    • Send a Moderator message or notice.
  5. If you post inappropriate content and/or violate in any other way or Acceptable Use Policy, the Moderation Team, in addition to any other measure we might take under the General Terms and Conditions, could also apply any (or more) of the tools mentioned in Point 4 above and also the following:

    • Flagging your topic or comment. Posts with 3 flags are automatically hidden. The maximum flag a user can give is 20 per day.
    • Silence the user. Silenced users are prevented from creating new topics, posts, flags, and/or sending private messages.
    • Suspend the user. Suspended users are prevented from logging in, and thus from completing any actions on the forums. The Moderation Team may either suspend users for a short time or for ever.
  6. Community members with higher trust levels assigned to them by the Moderation Team (e.g. Trust Level 3 or 4) might be allowed to do certain moderation tasks within the BrokerChooser community. Moderation tasks might include among others editing titles, changing categories, or changing tags etc. To reach higher Trust Levels, you should be active on the Forum, such as creating topics, commenting, and collecting likes, and shall all the time comply with our General Terms and Conditions (including but not limited to our Acceptable Use Policy).