Expat question

I would like to open an account and start investing but within a few month I’m going to move and change my tax residency. Is it safe to assume that if I choose a broker that operates in both countries (my original and destination), then I will have no problem with my account? Thx

I have similar problem, I’m planning to move abroad and move my investments there.

Yes, I found this as a reliable solution: choose a broker that is available in both countries. Also, I could transfer my assets to another broker, but the costs and process seemed scary.

Which brokerage are you with?

I’m in a somewhat similar position. Left the U.K. 2.5 years ago.

Despite living abroad the address on my broker account is the same as the address on my UK bank account - my sister’s.

Only tell your broker what they need to know.

I believe it only becomes an issue when you want to draw down from your portfolio?