Error in your database - Degiro is available for customers in Bulgaria

It says Degiro is not available to customers in Bulgaria. This is not true. Bulgarian residents who speak English can use the Irish website of Degiro.

German speaking Bulgarian residents can use the German website of Degiro.

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Hi there,

thank you very much for your post. You’re absolutely right, DEGIRO is available in Bulgaria as you can also see on a screenshot from DEGIRO:

We’ve just fixed this issue in our database.

Thank you again, we really appreciate that you updated us.


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Here are some new brokers you may consider adding to your DB:

  • Me Direct (Malta) - with a banking license, no custody fee
  • Me Direct (Belgium) - very expensive (0.2% commission), maybe not worth it
  • Keytrade Bank - no custody fee, but high threshold of the commission, for large amounts make sense - 24,95 EUR for up to 50 000 EUR order at Xetra make sense only for large orders.
  • Aries tradearies . com - “no commission” US broker accepting customers from many countries, deposits with Revolut and Wise are working. Uses TradeStation “under the hood”.

Hi there,

thank you very much for sending these names to us. This is exactly the right time to send these brokers to us as we’d like to extend our database with many new brokers.

If there is anything else we can help with, please let me know.

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