Bitcoin on eToro

Can I buy real Bitcoin at eToro? It was all a bit confusing for me.

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Hi, I’m new to the crypto world but I’m also considering buying Bitcoin through eToro. So I’m also looking for any tips on that.

I also started my crypto journey on eToro. The spreads are high and the $5 withdrawal fee is really high. I use other providers now.

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Yes, you can buy real cryptos (including Bitcoin). In this case, you’re the owner of the crypto, you can transfer it to other wallets too.
Another option is to buy Bitcoin through CFDs, which is used mostly for speculation

I use eToro for 5 years now. If you’re beginner, the platform will be great. Buying process is straightforward - you just search for Bitcoin, click ‘Trade,’ and enter the amount.

Don’t use CFD for crypto, that’s gambling. You can buy real cryptos and you will have a private key or a digital wallet. You can transfer to other wallets easily. It’s important to control your keys as the old saying: not your keys, not your crypto. If you want to gamble and lose your money, use CFD.

I’ve used eToro for various investments, including Bitcoin. The platform’s ease of use is unmatched as previously mentioned. For starters, I can recommend it.

If I buy a Bitcoin ETF, do I own the coin, or just its nominal value? This is not entirely clear to me.

If you’re starting, you can also social trading feature too. I use it frequently and fully satisfied it. You can see what other traders are doing, which can be really insightful for beginners.