ACH deposit and withdrawal

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I know many European investors are struggling (including myself) with finding cost-effective deposit and withdrawal methods for US online brokers. I know ACH is free of charge, but many US brokers don’t support it. Can you please let everyone know which US brokers support ACH for European customers? And how does it work?

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Hey, thank you for your post.

Unfortunately, the options are quite limited as most US brokers don’t accept payment providers, like Wise or Revolut. At the moment, we know for sure that Alpaca Trading accepts Wise as ACH transfer and onboards under their US-based entity (which means investor protection up to $500k). You can read here more about Alpaca:[.]( It works really easily:

  1. create a Wise account and when you have USD on your account, you can use it for ACH transfers (as your bank account will be based in the US)

  2. after you create your Alapca account, you can click on “Deposit Funds”

  3. click on “Linking Account”, and select ACH where you can link your Wise account

tastytrade used to provide this option but doesn’t support it anymore.

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Thanks a lot @kgjanko for your answer! I’ll check Alpaca